Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tee Lake Resort - 1930s or 1940s Postcard

This is an old postcard. Wendy (who gave us this image) is part of 5 generations of Tee Lake Resort guests (then called Horseshoe Resort as you can see by the title at the bottom right of the photo.) We think it's possibly from the 30s or the 40s.

Aerial Photo of Tee Lake

This shot is from East pointing the camera West. This is an old postcard given to us by Wendy, a guest that has been coming to this resort for years. She brought her grandkids, 5th generation of Tee Lake Resort (formerly Horseshoe Resort) guests. We're still trying to find the circa.
This is a current aerial satellite shot. With North being at the top of the image.